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Jimmy & the gang are back from Belgium Comes to Cooperstown and joined in studio to talk local grains with Maia Raposo, spokesperson for Brooklyn Brewery, June Russell, Manager of Farm Inspections and Strategic Development for Greenmarket/GrowNYC and Andrea Stanley from Valley Malt. Tune in and learn about the collaborative effort between Brooklyn Brewery and Greenmarket - the "Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat" a beer brewed from 70% New York State-grown wheat and barley. Drinking this lovely beer helps reinvigorate the state’s grain industry and benefit GrowNYC’s mission to support family farms, farmers markets, gardens, recycling and education. June Russell elaborates on the state of local grains and how the Greenmarket is pushing their bakers to use local flour. Get an update on the state of grains in New York State and the creative ways in which they are being used. Andrea Stanley chats about some of the interesting things happening at Valley Malt. Find out why Rye is in such high demand these days and how grains are being used in new and innovative ways in the food and beverage communities. This program was sponsored by GreatBrewers.com.

"We don't make a lot of special beers at Brooklyn Brewery - so we have to believe int he mission of the beer and what it's all about. We've been supporters of the Greenmarket both as individuals and a company for a long time. For a beer like this the big issue is dealing with the yields of the grain and wondering how the grains will work with our system." [09:00]

--Maia Raposo, spokesperson for Brooklyn Brewery on Beer Sessions Radio

"Greenmarket bakers are using on average, 50% local flour in their baked goods." [24:00]

--June Russell on Beer Sessions Radio

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